CME256AS-1F New
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CME256AS-1F New


Air Condenser70' Air/50' W Production 307/139ARI 90' Air 70 W Production 240/109Electrical 115/60/1Shipping Weight 185/84CM3 series offers the lowest lifetime operating costs based on lower waterand electrical usage. Combine that with a competitive purchase price andthe best warranty in the industry and you have the lowest lifetime ownershipcost. Period.AutoIQ Control System monitors and controls the ice machines' functionsto ensure consistent ice production and reduce operating costs.CM3 Evaporator is a hot tin dipped, molecularly bonded plate that has beenfield tested and proven 99.4% reliable over 5 years.Rust-free Polyethylene Base and Food Zone is insulated with 1-1/2.5 offoam which keeps water and food zone cool to reduce operating costsand is backed by a Lifetime Rust-free Warranty.Contemporary styling and stainless steel finish make the CM3 a perfectaddition to any operation.Limited Lifetime Rust Free Warranty on Food Zone3 years parts and labor on all components.5 years parts and labor on the CME evaporator.5 years parts on the compressor and condensor.
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