SC-CFS32E-6 New
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SC-CFS32E-6 New


1/3 HP9.1 AMPS660 Wt.Interior : Inside bottom liner of .040 anodized full hard aluminum sloped end to end to backthat leads to a trapped waste outlet at center of case. Inside door mullions are polished 22 gauge stainlesssteel for extra protection. Drain louver finished with a hard baked white enamel over..040 aluminum. End panels are finished with bright mirror stainless steel.Color Band: The front color band, below the bumper rail, can be furnished in a variety of colors, standard is light oak.Option: Insulated divider. Thermometer. Woodgrain or colored front panel.Colored end panels. Salad pan racks. Sandwich Rack-Full Complement is 2 in., 4ft. case, 3 in, 6ft. case.The sandwich racks are designed specifically for full display of packaged sandwiches.Rack has four sales levels, titled forward to offer maximum display. All racks are constructed of heay gauge wire, welded and coated with white vinyl epoxy.
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